September and the Final Stretch

Hey, I’m doing these every month like I said I would!

I’m currently at 80% complete for Enter Humanity. I actually have a progress bar installed on its page if you like to keep track of progress. It really hit me yesterday just how much I’ve gotten done and how close I am to the end. The plan is to set it down for a month, so I will start editing some time in November. I’d like to read up on editing and other story craft things and also just take a break for a bit. I haven’t been doing any of my other hobbies for the past few months, I’ve been so laser-focused on this. But while I do other hobbies I sometimes think of writing and can solve various problems that way. Perhaps I’ll even make the Zoids tutorial posts!

It’s day 174 of quarantine/shut down/etc. Personal life hasn’t changed much month over month, but there’s not much to be done about that. Whoever’s reading this, I hope you’re having a a safe Labor Day weekend.


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