A select history of my published works, including links to read them!


Please see [content warnings], if necessary.

  • “TBA” TBA [link] (TBD)
  • “Carcinographic Classifieds” Androids and Dragons [link] 💌 (2024)
    • Across a tropical sea, the resident dragons have a unique way to keep in touch. <1,000 words
  • “The Application of Lycanthropy as a Novel Treatment for Gender Dysphoria” Dudes Rock [link] (TBD) [audio adaption]💌
    • A trans man encounters a beast in the woods, and a unique alternative to HRT. <1,000 words
  • “Subsume” Inner Worlds [link] 💌 (2024)
    • A conversation takes place between You and i. 500 words
  • 🌟”Moth{er}” Another Name for Darkness [link] (2023) [free version/audio adaption] 💌 (2024)
    • Mother knows best, but as changes both subtle and monstrous manifest, reality itself is called into question. 2,700 words
  • 🌟”How to Survive a Draconic Business Takeover” One Universe to the Left [link] (2023)
    • A dragon grows his hoard of tech companies, and its kobold employees suffer. 2,500 words
  • “The Fox and the Unicorns” One Universe to the Left [link] (2023) [audio adaption] 💌 (2024)
    • Princess Alexandra Vulpina’s favorite blanket has gone missing, and she’s on the case to find that thief! 1,400 words
  • “I Saw a Dead Body Today” The Razor [link] 💌 (2023) (includes audio adaption)
    • Our narrator sees a dead body, and feels some type of way. <1,000 words
  • “MOVE X TO Y2K” Further Confusion 2023 Conbook [link] 💌 [audio adaption] 💌🏆 (2023)
    • A brood X cicada is awoken early to deal with Y2K software bugs. 1,500 words
  • “Aphelion” Further Confusion 2020 Conbook [link] 💌 (2020)
    • A hacker cat infiltrates totally-not-Amazon, for reasons. 2,900 words

Info on reprints can be found [here!]

💌 denotes a story that you can get for free! 🌟 denotes a personal favorite story. And 🏆 means it’s been nominated for an award!


  • Furry Writers’ Guild blog
    • “How to Get Your Short Fiction Published”
    • [link] (2024)
  • Buttonhook -“Microsoft’s Just Press Play was dead on arrival”[link] (2023)
  • Alibris blog [link] (2018-present)
  • Digital marketing content (2015-present)
  • Social media management content (2014-2017)
  • Inside.com (2014)
  • Freelance ghostwriter for blogs and articles (2013-2019)
  • WMUR-TV (2013)
  • Limerence Magazine (2013)
  • MLP G4 Merch and Derpy Hooves News (2012-2014)
  • Web blog editing, writing, and management (2012-present)
  • The Reporter (2010-2013)

Self-Published Zines

  • “How to Get Your Short Fiction Published” (nonfiction) [link] (2024)
  • “How 2 Protest & NOT end up in jail” (fiction) [link] (2024)


  • “The Quest to Pet” Only You [link] (2023)
  • “Mission: Inshoppable” I Am Mukuro! [link] (2022)
  • “And Your Panelist Is…” Love is Unbreakable [link] (2019)
  • “Birthday Boy” Game Start!  [link] (2018)

Education and Affiliations

  • Codex Writers member (2023-present)
  • Furry Writers’ Guild member (2023-present)
  • California Writers Club, Berkeley Branch member (2022-present)
  • Bachelor of Science in Journalism, minor in Creative Writing from the Rochester Institute of Technology (2009-2013)

Other Cool, Writing-Related Stuff!

  • Oxfurred Comma writing workshop, hosted by Madison Scott-Clary (2022)
  • Volunteer at San Francisco Writers Conference (2022-present)
  • All sorts of things related to the selling and marketing of books (2018-present)
  • Recipient of Lion Man Award for outstanding volunteer work at Further Confusion (2017)
  • Ink formulation technician and general shop hand for HP Indigo digital “print on demand” presses (2011-2012)
  • Library assistant/support services (2006-2011)