Here is a list of my published stories and what subjects generally considered upsetting or traumatic are in them, if any. These may create spoilers for stories, but your safety is more important!

Note: I don’t include swearing in any of these, as I assume you are all adults and can handle seeing the F word.

  • Aphelion – state violence
  • Carcinographic Classifieds – none
  • How 2 Protest & NOT end up in jail – state violence
  • How to Survive a Draconic Business Takeover – death (off screen/as a threat)
  • I Saw a Dead Body Today – the cruelties of the US justice system and the “true crime” “fandom”
  • Moth{er} – parental abuse and neglect (emotional, mental, and verbal), unreality, gaslighting, pregnancy loss, insects
  • MOVE X TO Y2K – insects
  • Subsume – disordered eating, unreality/abstraction of mental distress
  • The Application of Lycanthropy as a Novel Treatment for Gender Dysphoria – concerns about dead naming after death
  • The Fox and the Unicorns – none
  • TBA – none