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The SaaS formerly known as Rakuten Overdrive, this is how most libraries handle their digital collections. Please go to your library’s website and follow the instructions for getting set up. There, you can search for titles and borrow them. If they’re not in the collection, you can indicate your interest, which helps your librarian choose what to license.

Your Local Bookstore

You can walk into (or call, or email) your favorite local, independent bookstore and request them to order a book for you. Give them the ISBN and they’ll know what to do with it.


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One Universe to the Left

contains “The Fox and the Unicorns” and “How to Survive a Draconic Business Takeover” | Alibris | other stores | Amazon

ISBN: 9798985350340 (paperback) 9798985350357 (eBook)

Another Name for Darkness

contains “Moth{er}” | Alibris | other stores | Amazon | Gumroad, too

ISBN: 9781739138356 (paperback) 9781739138363 (hardcover) 9798223701286 (eBook)

Dragon Gems (Spring 2024 Edition)

contains “How to Survive a Draconic Business Takeover” | Alibris | other stores (here, too) | Amazon

Dudes Rock

contains “The Application of Lycanthropy as a Novel Treatment for Gender Dysphoria” | Alibris | other stores | Amazon


contains “TBA” | Alibris | other stores | Amazon



How to Get Your Short Fiction Published

How 2 Protest & NOT end up in jail

Etsy (physical and digital) | (digital)