Hello! My name is Chase, and I’m a digital storyteller. Partly because writing by hand hurts, but it’s mostly because I love the possibilities that come from publishing in a digital format. I received my bachelor’s degree in journalism with a minor in creative writing from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2013, where social media was just beginning to be part of the publication process and adblockers were considered the greatest threat to the industry.

RIT has a rich history of blending art and technology, along with many unique jobs for students, so I picked up valuable skills working at a digital press, as a marketer for a Microsoft-funded gamification project, as an AV tech, and as the person who does all the little tasks that allow a library to be an organized and pleasant experience. My classes taught me to string words together into complete sentences, but also to surround them with HTML or XML tags so both humans and Google’s crawlers can find just what they need.

I love collaborating with others on creative endeavors and experimenting with new ways to structure, display, and share stories. I tend to gravitate towards speculative fiction and stories about various critters and what’s possible with newfound magic.

Why .xyz?

3 reasons:

  1. It’s the last 3 letters of the English alphabet, so it’s got a sorta writer-ly feel to it
  2. It’s cheap and available. Everyone wants .com websites, there are plenty of Chase Js out there, but I’m the only ChaseJxyz. Consistent branding across platforms is important!
  3. It reminds me of Xyz summoning and XYZ Dragon Canon from Yu-Gi-Oh!, which is a series I’ve always loved and has opened the door for many of my most cherished relationships. It makes me smile, which is something that doesn’t happen a lot in marketing. I hope it can bring you some happiness, too! Also the fact that it’s 3 reasons is ALSO a Yu-Gi-Oh! reference, but who’s gonna notice that? Or even this text, I love silly easter eggs like this :).

Find me elsewhere

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