In order to better track all of the versions of my stories that are out there, here is a matrix!

If a check is in [brackets], it’s a link to the relevant version. I define “online” as a story’s text being on a website that anyone can freely view (no paywalls/Patreon/etc.). A ⭐’d row is the first publication of a story, and the italicized rows immediately after are reprints of that story. The ⭐’d are in reverse-chronological order, which mirrors my bibliography.

Title + PublicationOnline (free)?Book ($)?eBook ($)?Audio (free)?etc.?
Carcinographic Classifieds @ Androids and Dragons [TBD 2024]
The Application of Lycanthropy as a Novel Treatment for Gender Dysphoria @ Dudes Rock [TBD]
@ The Voice of Dog [TBD]
Subsume @ Inner Worlds [TBD 2024]
Moth{er} @ Another Name for Darkness [9 Dec 2023][][][]
@ The Nonbinary Review [1 Jun 2024][][]
@ Alphanumeric [1 May 2024][][]
How to Survive a Draconic Business Takeover @ One Universe to the Left [17 Nov 2023][][]
@ Spring 2024 Dragon Gems [26 Apr 2024][][]
The Fox and the Unicorns @ One Universe to the Left [17 Nov 2023][][]
@ The Voice of Dog [22 Jan 2024][]
I Saw A Dead Body Today @ The Razor [3 Jul 2023][][]
MOVE X TO Y2K @ Further Confusion Conbook [12 Jan 2023][]IRL con book
@ The Voice of Dog [29 Sep 2023][]
Aphelion @ Further Confusion Conbook [16 Jan 2020][]IRL con book