First Draft is Complete!

Exciting news! I finished the first draft for Enter Humanity this weekend. It’ll now be left alone for a month until I start editing.

The shiny new thing that has my attention and will be my writing focus for the time is an idea for a visual novel/puzzle game. This is based on an idea I had a very, very long time ago but didn’t feel I could do it because I couldn’t program. I’ve had a lot of ideas over the years that I dropped because I didn’t feel that I was skilled enough to do them; it’s exciting to see how much I’ve grown.

Looking at my old writing files, I’ve been at this for more than a decade now. The very first draft version of what would become Enter Humanity was started in 2007, there’s Eragon fanfiction from 2009, a NaNoWriMo from 2008. We had to do some big, year-long project senior year in high school (08-09) and I wanted to write this novel about a guardian of a city. I ended up writing 22k words of nothing, because it’s really hard to write when you’re preparing for college, working, and dealing with unmanaged ADHD.

Parts of these stories have found their way in other works. The ending of the NaNoWriMo is very similar to an incidence of Brazhenfall, for example, and a short story about city guardians has been kicking around for awhile. I’d like to get some of these short stories finished and put out there in the world but I’m much more used to writing longer works. Some day!


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