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Story Behind the Story – How to Survive a Draconic Business Takeover

This is something I’d like to get into the habit of for my work, as it’s published. I hope you find it enjoyable! Story: How to Survive a Draconic Business Takeover [Link]Published in: “One Universe to the Left” anthologyLength: 2,500 wordsBrief synopsis:  Oh no, my kobolds are unionizing — 🏳️‍⚧️...
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First Draft is Complete!

Exciting news! I finished the first draft for Enter Humanity this weekend. It’ll now be left alone for a month until I start editing. The shiny new thing that has my attention and will be my writing focus for the time is an idea for a visual novel/puzzle game....
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September and the Final Stretch

Hey, I’m doing these every month like I said I would! I’m currently at 80% complete for Enter Humanity. I actually have a progress bar installed on its page if you like to keep track of progress. It really hit me yesterday just how much I’ve gotten done and...
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