Monthly “What’s up?” August 2020 Edition

It’s day 140 of the quarantine/lockdown/what have you. No conventions this year, and the the one in January won’t be held in 2021. That one is really rough, because there are a lot of writers at that one and lots of good panels and networking opportunities.

I’m approximately 58% of the way through the first draft of Enter Humanity; my goal for the month is to get it to 75%. I have written detailed synopses for the next 2 books, which feels sort of premature, but I like knowing where things are going so I can set things up now. I’ve also been making a list of things to work on in editing and I feel well prepared for that phase. I just need to get there and keep working on this draft.

I know I said last month that I might do Farwalker Papers once I got to the submission phase, but lately I’ve been leading with doing a different standalone novel instead. Something much shorter and easier for people to get into (and easier to sell!). I also have ideas for various short stories that are half-written that can be finished up, too. I’m never suffering from a lack of ideas or WIPs.

Not much has changed in my personal life. I’ve been running out of steam on Animal Crossing and have been replaying Ace Attorney (that counts as reading, right?). I got my new laptop today which will help with ergonomic/eye strain issues, so I don’t have to be staring at the same computer for 12-13+ hours a day. Day job is still going fine, but I have no idea when we’ll go back. Technically I could work there if I wanted to, but to walk or take transit there doesn’t seem worth it.

Also this is my birthday month! No parties or anything, though, but might stop at Bevmo and get something. Alas, being an adult has to be like that sometimes.

-Chase J


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