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September and the Final Stretch

Hey, I’m doing these every month like I said I would! I’m currently at 80% complete for Enter Humanity. I actually have a progress bar installed on its page if you like to keep track of progress. It really hit me yesterday just how much I’ve gotten done and...
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Monthly “What’s up?” August 2020 Edition

It’s day 140 of the quarantine/lockdown/what have you. No conventions this year, and the the one in January won’t be held in 2021. That one is really rough, because there are a lot of writers at that one and lots of good panels and networking opportunities. I’m approximately 58%...
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State of Affairs July 2020

If you’re here from the forum, hello! Or from Twitter, Google or anywhere else, welcome. As I write this it’s day 118 in shutdown/quarantine/lockdown in the San Francisco Bay area, and my plans for the years were totally upended. I published a short story in the Further Confusion 2020...
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