Enter Humanity

A History of Anthrid Influence Regarding the Middle Period of the Southern Phoenix Kingdom

An in-universe document covering a critical period of socio-political change in a country known as the Southern Phoenix Kingdom, written in the style of human narrative traditions (with annotations by its High Elven author). A time shaped by a “natural” disaster, when a living, breathing nuclear meltdown killed thousands and poisoned the land with her magical, radioactive decay.

This adult fantasy novel [aprox. 200k words] features four point-of-view characters, all humans whose lives have been altered by the Brazhenfall, who live in a Kingdom not made for them but from their labor, ruled by magical phoenixes who appropriate their anatomy when it best suits them. When a group calling itself the Kingdom of Man emerges to overthrow the avian bourgeoisie, they must decide whether they want to stay in lives of familiar oppression or risk it all at a chance of building a better world for Man. Whether the leader of this movement is doing this out of love for his fellow Man, however, is another matter entirely…

The in-universe author has taken great care in crafting an engaging yet educational story, including plenty of footnotes to explain the unique historical, cultural, biological and magical features of this corner of the world. There’s transgender, non-binary and genderqueer characters (including a love interest!), lots of bird facts and maybe you’ll learn some science, too.

Comp titles: Guardians of Ga’Hoole; Eragon/Inheritance cycle; the Hunger games, but fantasy, but birds

First Draft 100%
Second Draft 1%