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Literary Lessons from Bad Two Sentence Horror

Literary Lessons from Bad Two Sentence Horror

I’m a strong believer in you can learn and grow as a writer from any sort of creative work, not just books, and especially not just the types of books you want to write. Which is why one of my favorite Twitter accounts is Bad Two Sentence Horror. It’s posts from r/TwoSentenceHorror…that are bad.

I’m going to go over some of the basic building blocks of “good” storytelling…by using various examples of things being done poorly. The shorter a work is, the more critical it is for each part to be done masterfully. It also makes it much easier to analyze! Which is why they’re perfect for a post like this.

Interactive Fiction – UI Elements and Narrative in Danganronpa v3

Interactive Fiction – UI Elements and Narrative in Danganronpa v3

As I can easily do an entire TED Talk on the subject (and as I have to think about it A Lot for my own interactive projects) and I’m sure others might find this interesting, I’ve decided to start a series of posts on interactive fiction. Specifically, the unique things a story does to achieve a certain effect that can only be done in this medium.

Images are either from the Danganronpa Out of Context Twitter or the Danganronpa Fan wiki.

[spoiler warning] This post will have spoilers for all 3 mainline Danganronpa games (1, 2, and v3), but especially so for v3, as I’ll be going over one case in detail.

Before we get into the specifics of v3 and how the user interface (UI) is used to uniquely tell the story, we have to go over how it’s different from the others. With each game, the UI is updated, both to clarify and to add new features. Danganronpa has always been a heavily-stylized game, but especially so in v3, as you can see in the health and focus bars/gauges during the trials. Same information, same mechanics, different presentation.